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MILESTONES Adult Family Home in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

MILESTONES is a non-profit organization established to give young adults with significant physical and cognitive development disabilities and possible complex medical conditions a safe, comfortable and fun place to call home. The residence offers therapy, personal growth and consistent lifestyle.

MILESTONES Adult Family Home is a 4 bedroom purpose built home with a common area, indoor warm water swimming pool and around the clock staffing.  Located in the Town of Wilson at 7312 Shircel Road, MILESTONES will open in July 2013. 


MILESTONES benefits 4 vulnerable, young adults with significant developmental disabilities.  MILESTONES also provides benefit of peace of mind to the families of the residents.

Significant developmental disabilities are a lifelong challenge of physical and cognitive limitations for the individuals, creating a need for 24/7 assistance. The ability for independent living does not exist. Many individuals with disabilities of this significance are nonverbal and unable to communicate their needs. These individuals are in the most need of experience, understanding and compassion in delivery of their care. Long term residential care planning is often very difficult for families of vulnerable individuals.

Founder, Executive Director, registered nurse and hands on manager/caregiver of MILESTONES Adult Family Home is also the mother of Zachary, a young man with cerebral palsy.

Families of MILESTONES’ residents will have the invaluable comfort of knowing their adult child will be understood and cared for based upon real life experience as well as formal education.

The local community also benefits by the creation of 6 full-time and 2 part-time employment positions.


No other Adult Family home in Sheboygan County offers a staff comprised solely of medically trained personnel. No other Adult Family Home offers a fully, for purpose design home to meet the residents' physical needs.