Our Story

Milestones is the concept and passion of Kelly Jordan of Sheboygan who is a Registered Nurse Care Manager and mother of a disabled son. "Years ago I wondered what life was available for my son Zach as he grew to adulthood and what if I were not here to care for him. That brought my dream of the Milestones home. There is such an unmet need for those living this life and I am thankful for the people in the area who have stepped up with time and money to make Milestones Adult Family Home happen and remain for centuries," stated Kelly.

To build Milestones Adult Family Home, the organization needed to raise $130,000 for the down payment on the building loan and the initial startup operating costs. The building loan of $380,000 has been arranged through a business loan at Community Bank and Trust in Sheboygan. Donations may be made online. In support of Kelly's dream, the Milestones Board of Directors consists of Randy Schwoerer, Tom Brickley, Laura Wagner, MaryAnn Thielke, Sarah Arndt, and Alan Rudnick. This group meets with Kelly monthly.

The Milestones Mission

We are proud to be the only Adult Family Home in Sheboygan County to offer a staff comprised solely of medically trained personnel. No other Adult Family Home offers a fully, for purpose designed home to meet the residents' physical needs. We truly believe we have done our part to set the standard of how caring for those with mental disabilities should be.

Our Purpose

The level of disability for the residents requires 100% cares. Structurally Milestones is a purpose built home providing for the needs and support of its residents. Staffing is comprised of all medically trained caregivers of certified nurse assistants and one full-time registered nurse.

The combination of correct environment and equipment, properly trained staff, management with personal experience and understanding of the developmentally disabled population combine to meet the mission of Milestones and also provide a sense of comfort and security to the families of the young adult residents.